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The results of Artificial Intelligence in e-Mail marketing are amazing

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REXai and Tripolis Technology Hub join forces to bring AI to email

Artificial Intelligence has great impact in many sectors. Think of saving money and time, determining the strategy and managing the organization. That is not much different for the (e-Mail) marketing department. By using artificial intelligence in your e-Mail campaigns, you are going to be extremely personal, so in addition to fantastic CTRs you’ll also improve your organization.

Artificial Intelligence has led to major shifts in, among other things, the financial sector, where a large part of the derivatives trade has now been automated. An important insight from these sectors is that, by automating, not only a lot of time is saved but also better results are achieved. This is reflected in, for example, the medical world where artificial intelligence can ensure that doctors can spend more time on the patients instead of going through standard protocols.

We see the same opportunities in eMail marketing. We see that the majority of companies are stuck in a rule-based segment approach, which is very labor-intensive. As a result, limited personalization and less-performing campaigns are created. More information can be found in reports from the DDMA and Holistic email marketing.

Self-learning software will replace the rules-based segmentation

Tripolis and REXai have decided to break this paradigm. Both parties are convinced that self-learning solutions can bring personalization, within e-Mail marketing, to a whole new level. Last year a first step was taken by realizing an integration of the Tripolis Dialogue platform with the recommendation engine of REXai. Last summer, REXai and Tripolis signed a cooperation agreement to continue building an integrated solution.

Result: 80.7% more revenue per click and much more control over stock management

A confirmation that they are on the right track was provided by a project at Vitatheek. The results on the commercial KPIs were not only substantially higher, but this way of working also had a very favorable effect on the stock management of Vitatheek. It turned out that the current way of purchasing was entirely based on segment assumptions. This proved completely unnecessary and led to surplus stocks of certain products because the assumptions were much less accurate than the results from the REXai recommendation engine.

“The results are very convincing: with REXai, a 35.4% increase in CTR was achieved. These clicks also generated 80.7% more revenue per click than the regular campaigns, “says Fabio Zuccato, Business Development & Marketing Manager of NextChapter, the Ecommerce platform on which Vitatheek runs.

A good integration of AI and the Tripolis email engine

Bram Smits, CEO of Tripolis, about the collaboration with REXai: “The Tripolis Marketing Technology Hub represents extreme personalization on an XL scale. We do this with the combination of our own technology and specific ‘engines’ from technology parties such as REXai. In this way we shorten our time-to-market for innovations and we can even offer our customers more solutions for personalization.”