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Supported CSS attributes for HTML email styling

By 31 March 2020March 31st, 2021No Comments

Though you can definitely use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for HTML email styling, there are a few restriction that an e-mail template developer should be aware of. The short version is: use CSS preferably inline and mainly for simple elements like color and fonts.

Some rules of thumb:

  • Don’t use CSS for positioning.
  • Yse CSS for fonts and colors.
  • Be aware that WYSIWYG editors might add not supported styling elements.
  • Use CSS preferably inline only, though support for embedded styles in the email <head> is growing.
  • Always test your layout and styling using the available tools.

The CSS attributes below are supported by most popular e-mail clients:

  • Color
  • Font-size
  • Font-style
  • Font-weight
  • Text-align
  • Text-decoration
  • Background-color
  • Border
  • Font-family
  • Font-variant
  • Letter-spacing
  • Line-height
  • Padding
  • Table-layout
  • Text-indent
  • Text-transform

There are some excellent tools to convert CSS from embedded to inline, like this one.  Click here for a full list of supported elements.