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Better service, more conversions.
Build a loyal customer base through marketing automation.

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B2C marketing automation

Clients are hard to come by, make all of them feel special.

More traffic, conversions and retention.

Business units


Multiple business units

Work independently with isolated databases and GUI from each other in the same environment.

Different access levels

Manage the access and roles of a user at license or campaign level.



Automated clean database

Automatic handling of bounces, complaints and unsubscribes.

High volume with SMTP

Send time-sensitive and recurrent emails: f.e. daily deals, reset passwords.
Tripolis solución B2C
Tripolis solución B2C



Set up automated flows

Be present in your client's inbox and increase their CLTV.

Increase your engagement

Use interactive designs and personalized coupons with conditional content.

Event manager


Automate your communications

Create different communication flows for registrants and unsubscribes.

GDPR proof

Easily keep data collected for events separate to be used only for this purpose.
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EU servers

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Make a succes of your marketing strategy

Tripolis offers all the tools you need. Together we make your business grow.

Create a dialogue with your contacts

Email marketing

Personalise, interact and increase your conversions.

SMS marketing

Use the extreme power of SMS: 99% open rate.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue sending relevant content at the right time.

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and directly in the inbox.

Generate qualified leads

Landing pages

Generate leads and connect them to your lead nurturing flows.

IP tracking

Convert all your website visitors into leads and track their actions.

Tripolis helps companies across all industries

Every company can benefit from a better customer experience.
Here are some of the most common industries we've worked with.

Tripolis solución B2B


Tripolis solución Ecommerce


Tripolis solución grandes empresas


Tripolis Solución Sector Público



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“An onboarding process works as a marketing channel. This onboarding flow has become a very large conversion channel with respect to online advertisements and other marketing channels, in which we appeal to a larger and broader target group.”

Leon van der KolkSenior Marketer at Mijndomein

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