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marketing automation

3 reasons to use our marketing automation software

Automate and save time

Create automatic flows and messages that suit your recipients.

Flexible software

Use standard or custom features for your marketing automation.

Very user-friendly

Create a flow in just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

Automated campaigns

Set up automatic campaigns easily and conveniently. For example, send your one-time email immediately or create a complete lead nurturing campaign that you let run automatically. That way you are always in control.

Easy to integrate

Simply integrate our marketing automation software with your CRM, CMS or web shop and create a 360-degree customer view. With these integrations, your email communication is now even better geared to the needs of your recipients.

Endless content possibilities

Experiment with the endless possibilities in our editor. For example, easily adapt your template for your different brands. Or make your email more attractive by adding video, polls or conditional content, for example.

Appealing landing pages & forms

ncrease your conversion quickly and easily with landing pages and forms. Create pages and forms that suit your (email) style with our drag & drop editor. Within 10 minutes, your page is ready to use. 

Flexible data management

Easily add contacts to your database. Integrate your data sources and let our marketing automation platform take care of handling subscribers, unsubscribers, bounces, and inactive email addresses, among other things.

Real-time statistics

See the result of your email campaign in real-time. Analyse who among your recipients has received, opened and clicked on the email. Compare sent mails with each other and learn how to optimise your next email campaign.

Extended rights & roles system

Set the permissions and roles for different users yourself. This way you determine which users can see or edit which parts of a newsletter. But also which users have access to your data. 

Privacy & Security

Make the security of your data a priority. Tripolis fully complies with the European legislation (GDPR). Tripolis has also been awarded the ISO 27001 and 9001 certificates and the Golden Privacy Guarantee of the DDMA.

These clients rely on Tripolis

Make a success of your marketing strategy

Create a dialogue with your contacts

Email marketing

Personalise, interact and increase your conversions.

SMS marketing

Use the extreme power of SMS: 99% open rate.

Automate your processes

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and directly to the inbox.

Automate your processes

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and directly to the inbox.

Generate qualified leads

Landing pages

Generate leads and connect them to your lead nurturing flows.

IP tracking

Convert all your website visitors into leads and track their actions.

See it for yourself

See how Tripolis makes your marketing automation easy.