Use IP tracking software
to target your clients.

Convert anonymous website visitors
to warm leads.

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3 reasons to use our IP tracking software

Easy to integrate

Add a tracking code to your website.

Never miss a lead again

Start profiling from the first visit.

Save time finding prospects

Make a call whenever the lead is ready.

Automatic profiling

A recognized IP gives you all the information of the company, names, jobs titles and email address of key decision makers.  Likewise, the tool saves the information from where each lead comes (Facebook, email, etc).

Connect your email database

As soon as a contact from your database reaches the web through a newsletter, the IP address is connected to the email. If the IP is not in the database yet, based on the domain-extension email, a new company linked to an IP will be created.

Apply lead scoring

Decide which pages and actions convert the most and give them the highest score. Tripolis Leads will keep a count of all the actions of a visitor so that you know at what level of the funnel he is at each moment. Set what score a lead must reach to be ready.

Activate notifications

Easily activate notifications: do you want to know if a specific lead has visited the web? How many visitors does a campaign generate? Or do you want to be notified when a lead is ready to convert? Tripolis Leads will keep you or your sales employees assigned and informed.

Friendly dashboard and reports

Our user-friendly dashboard has a colour scale and icons so that by just entering it, it is easily visible how hot a lead is. With the monthly or weekly reports, you will see which leads are one shot visitors or a high-quality lead.

These clients rely on Tripolis

Make a success of your marketing strategy

Create a dialogue with your contacts

Email marketing

Personalise, interact and increase your conversions.

SMS marketing

Use the extreme power of SMS: 99% open rate.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue sending relevant content at the right time.

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and to the inbox.

Generate qualified leads

Landing pages

Generate leads and connect them to your lead nurturing flows.

See it for yourself

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