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3 reasons to use our email marketing software

Super user friendly

Creating emails is a piece of cake with our interface.

High flexibility

Stay in control or choose from one of our standard templates.

Extreme personalisation

Get a higher engagement thanks to personalisation.

Simple drag & drop editor

Create professional and responsive email messages quickly and easily with our drag & drop editor. The email editor is user-friendly and flexible. You don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge to send your recipients beautiful and catchy newsletters.

Standard templates

Choose one of the standard email templates from our template editor. You can choose from 15 standard templates that can be completely adapted to your own branding. This way, you always start with a responsive, user-friendly email design.

Target groups and segmentations

Easily gather target groups and use them to segment and personalise your email campaign. Segment and use dynamic content to communicate in a relevant way with your recipients.

Conversion-oriented landing pages

Get more conversion from your email campaigns by using our landing pages. You can easily create landing pages in your own branding. By applying personalisation, you ensure that the landing page is always relevant to the recipient.

Automatic A/B-testing

Easily carry out different and automatic A/B tests. Test with different subject lines or call-to-actions to see which email generates the best conversion. Determine the winner manually or let the software do it.

Smart forms and surveys

Create smart web forms and surveys with our drag & drop editor. By placing these on a landing page in your branding, the recipient feels safe and the conversion of your email campaign will multiply.

Detailed reports

See the results of your email campaign at a glance thanks to our extensive reporting tool. You will always know which recipients have opened your email or clicked through to your website. Create your own benchmark to create better emails.

Privacy & Security

Make the security of your data a priority. With Tripolis you fully comply with the European legislation (GDPR). In addition to this, we have been awarded the ISO 27001 and 9001 certificate and the Golden Privacy Guarantee of the DDMA for years.

These clients rely on Tripolis

Make a success of your marketing strategy

Create a dialogue with your contacts

SMS marketing

Use the extreme power of SMS: 99% open rate.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue with relevant content.

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and directly to the inbox.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue sending relevant content at the right time.

Transactional emails

Deliver your sensitive emails quickly and directly to the inbox.

Generate qualified leads

Landing pages

Generate leads and connect them to your lead nurturing flows.

IP tracking

Convert all your website visitors into leads and track their actions.

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