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3 reasons to use our email delivery software

Fantastic deliverability

Your messages are always in the recipient’s inbox.

Fully integrated

Connect our software easily with API or SMTP.

Real time tracking

Stay informed about the delivery of your emails.

Easy to connect

Send your transactional email quickly and easily by connecting your source files via SMTP or REST API. Don’t worry, together we take care of the implementation of DMARC, DKIM and SPF to secure your sender domain.

Privacy & Security

Make the security of your data and that of your client a priority. Tripolis fully complies with the European legislation (GDPR). We have also been awarded the ISO 27001 and 9001 certificates and the Golden Privacy Guarantee of the DDMA for many years.

Useful message archive

Archive your sent transactional email in our message archive. This way, you see exactly which recipient received which email and it will be easy to resend them the email if they want to.

Personalised PDF attachments

Easily add personalised PDF attachments to your messages. Attach, for example, a monthly invoice or a quotation for your product or service. Adding a PDF to your email gives the recipient the opportunity to save or print the PDF.

Informative reports

Know if your recipient opens or clicks on your transactional email after it has arrived in their inbox. In our analytics you get real time insight in your recipient’s behaviour.

Automatic bounce management

Keep control over your mailing list by using bounce management. See which email addresses have been bounced and let our software filter them out automatically. This way, your mailing list is always up-to-date.

These clients rely on Tripolis

Make a success of your marketing strategy

Create a dialogue with your contacts

Email marketing

Personalise, interact and increase your conversions.

SMS marketing

Use the extreme power of SMS: 99% open rate.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue with relevant content.

Automate your processes

Marketing automation

Create a 1 to 1 dialogue sending relevant content at the right time.

Generate qualified leads

Landing pages

Generate leads and connect them to your lead nurturing flows.

IP tracking

Convert all your website visitors into leads and track their actions.

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