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Supporting startups to succeed in their online marketing activities.

Introduction Tripolis Techstart Program

The Tripolis Techstart Program is a free and innovative program that helps technology startups succeed in their online marketing activities. Get access to the best software platform for email, mobile and social marketing and start up your online marketing activities by using Tripolis Solutions’ high-end email marketing software tools. The Techstart Program provides marketing visibility to help online entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

Get access to the best software with the Tripolis Startup Edition

Email marketing is one of the most targeted and cost-effective tools for (online) marketers. By using email marketing, you can send customized and personalized messages to prospects and customers, at a relatively low cost. Thanks to the Tripolis email marketing software, the results are fully measurable.

Get immediate access to Tripolis’ richly featured software platform with the Startup Edition for 18 months for free. The Tripolis Startup Edition offers a complete email marketing solution for online startups and is designed to be user-friendly by ensuring easy operation for inexperienced users.

Cooperation with Tripolis Gold Certified business partner Ematters

Tripolis Solutions and Gold Certified business partner Ematters work together to ensure the success of the Techstart Program, from a technology-, implementation- and evaluation perspective. Ematters provides your startup with a professional customized template, including (un)-subscribe pages. They also provide training, advice & support to get the best exposure for your startup. The email marketing team of Ematters consists of marketeers, email developers and designers, who deliver the best service possible. Ematters deploys successful email marketing campaigns for both large and small organizations.

Get marketing visibility in front of an audience of potential investors, customers, partners and journalists. Discover the best email marketing software for all your professional online activities and promotions.

Techstart Membership for free

Get access to the best software platform for email, mobile and social marketing and start with your online marketing activities by using Tripolis Solutions’ high-end email marketing software tools:

  • 18 months access to the Tripolis Startup Edition.
  • 250.000 emails included / free of charge per year.
  • Customized newsletter design template for your company / brand including (un)subscribe pages.
  • 1.5 hour training / advice for a maximum of 2 people for the use of the application.
  • Usage of the helpdesk.

Do you qualify for Tripolis Techstart Program Membership? Is your business:

  • A startup in the technology / online industry.
  • Less than three years old?
  • Registered with the Chamber of Commerce?
  • Making less than €250,000 euro per year?
  • Motivated to explore the power of email, mobile & social marketing?

Tripolis Techstart Graduation

Before the Techstart Program will end, the service and cooperation will be evaluated. Startups who have been members of the Techstart Program for 18 months become eligible for graduation. After this period your startup has the following options:

  1. Continue with the Startup Edition which will then be converted into the Ematters Easymailer with similar possibilities and services.
  2. Upgrade to the full Tripolis Dialogue software suite, also serviced by Ematters.
  3. The program simply ends, no continuation.

For option 1 and 2 the specific contract terms & conditions will be discussed together with our Gold Certified business partner Ematters.

Sign up for the Tripolis Techstart Program

Does your company meet the requirements of the Tripolis Techstart Program? Sign up your startup now via the web form below. After we receive your information an intake meeting will take place. After the intake meeting we decide whether or not your startup meets the requirements and you will get a qualification for the Tripolis Startup Edition.

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