Tripolis Dialogue API Services

The Tripolis Dialogue API makes it possible to collect, edit and insert information without using the Tripolis Dialogue client. You are able to connect with Tripolis Dialogue with an external application, for example a CRM or CMS system.

Various Tripolis Technology partners have integrated solutions in the field of CMS systems, analytics programs and payment modules.

Key features of the Tripolis API:

  • Based on standardized SOAP protocol
  • 70+ functions available in the field of contact/content management/publishing/reporting
  • Ability to asynchronously start an export and retrieve the result at a later time

Tripolis Dialogue integration can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Connect with the API Tripolis Dialogue
  • Sharing of profile data (csv) via (s)FTP and scheduled import/export routines
  • Exchanging content via RSS/XML feeds
  • Integration of website/landing pages for receivers

Integrated Solutions

Nedstat Logo


Nedstat is a leading provider of web analytics and innovative solutions for online business optimization. The products and services provide marketeers with the insight and tools they need to target their customers with compelling content or products and improve their online results. Tripolis Dialogue offers an integration with Nedstat’s solution Sitestat that allows users to automatically insert Sitestat Analytics parameter links in your mailings. The contacts will be collected in a funnel and returned to Tripolis Dialogue for future mailings. Website

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. Tripolis Dialogue has integrated Google Analytics which gives the user the possibility to automatically apply Analytics tags to the newsletter content. Website

SiteCatalyst (Omniture)

Omniture is a leading provider of web analytics software. Omniture’s SiteCatalyst is an advanced web analytics solution that allows the user to analyse its web traffic. This way you can measure and analyze your online marketing campaigns. Website

web analytics

Other Analytics Programs

In addition to Sitestat, Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst you now have the ability to integrate your own analytics programs in Tripolis Dialogue. Besides the value you can also specify the name of the parameter making it possible to connect to any other analytics program.


GX is a leading vendor of Enterprise Web Content Management. With the product GX WebManager, innovative and reliable solutions are built for customers by GX and its partners. These solutions range from modern, informative Websites to powerful, consumer-facing portals requiring integrations with enterprise software. GX WebManager is used by medium- to-large enterprises in a range of sectors. Tripolis Dialogue can be integrated with the GX CMS system. Website

scope logo

SCOPE marketing technology b.v

SCOPE marketing technology b.v. is an experienced Dutch developer and supplier of CRM software. SCOPE builds systems for effective support for customer interaction in marketing, sales and service processes. SCOPE specializes in industry specific software such as higher education and financial services, but many features in SCOPE are generally applicable (such as contact registration, invoice processes, (follow-up)activities, etc.). The SCOPE plugin for Tripolis Dialogue enables marketers to easily produce a marketing campaign from SCOPE CRM that syncs to Tripolis Dialogue with a push of a button and vice versa. Website (Dutch)

salesmanager logo

SalesManager CRM Software

SalesManager Software is a concept in CRM, ERP, Service and Project Management. More than 30,000 users in different sectors use SalesManager software on a daily basis to get a better control over their business. Especially for marketers, SalesManager CRM developed the campaign manager module. It has an integration with Tripolis Dialogue to easily implement and monitor email marketing campaigns from the SalesManager CRM databases. Website

woodwing logo


WoodWing offers software products to enable an efficient and cross-media publishing process. Our products are used by publishers ranging from tabloid newspapers to glossy magazines, and from corporate publications to multi-author book productions. WoodWing’s flagship product is its publishing system called ‘Enterprise’.

Tripolis Dialogue has an integration with WoodWing’s Content Station which now enables the user to publish its content by e-mail. The content in Woodwing’s Content Station can be added to any choosen newsletter within Tripolis Dialogue. WoodWing’s solution is called the ‘Enterprise publishing system’. Website

acceptemail logo


Billing and paying via e-mail? AcceptEmail enables this both for business-to-consumer en business-to-small-business. AcceptEmail is the digital replacement of the paper simple credit transfer; fast, simple and safe. AcceptEmail can be applied as innovative payment method for initial bills and invoices, but also to support your credit management processes as reminder, for payment plans with your customers, to complete a telephone order and to turn the bill into a valuable contact moment in your marketing communication.

The integrated link with AcceptEmail enables you to use the standard Tripolis Dialogue functionalities for sending your billing and paying e-mails. Transaction details are automatically collected from the AcceptEmail database. Website

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