SMTP+ is a gateway for apps, websites and platforms to send (transactional) email, using the Tripolis delivery infrastructure. It is a cutting edge transactional email service that adds tracking and authentication to email.

Integrate your own platform with our professional, secure and fast email services. Easily connect to the SMTP relay or use the transactional email API to send emails and enjoy the benefits of open tracking, click tracking, SPF, DKIM signing, grouping, logging and extreme email delivery.

Four main features:

  • Easily send email via SMTP relay
  • Use deliverability optimum for maximum inbox placement
  • Track your emails and use reporting-data to improve list-hygiene and engagement; data includes delivery and bounce data and engagement data (opens, clicks, IP and user agent)
  • Authenticate your emails, using your own custom domain.

Future developments:

  • Easily send email via restful API
  • Webhooks to respond to email events fast
  • Geolocation data based on IP address

Related documents

  • User guide; learn more about the features
  • Onboarding guide; step-by-step approach for new users
  • Glossary; email (marketing) terms and definitions

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