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Customer Relationship Management applications help you manage not only your existing customers but also your future ones. CRM ensures that all interaction among your sales, marketing and customer service teams is managed in one location. You always have access to accurate, up-to-date customer information. To easily manage customer contact databases in one location, Tripolis Solutions has developed an integration between the Salesforce CRM software and Tripolis Dialogue.

With the link between both systems, you can easily create, manage and send email campaigns directly from Salesforce. The plug-in synchronizes Tripolis Dialogue with all available customer information in Salesforce. Results from the email campaigns, such as opens, clicks and bounces, are available in Salesforce. In addition, you can see which email each contact has received and whether it has been opened and clicked.

Changes in the data of your Salesforce CRM package are periodically synchronized with Tripolis Dialogue. The result: cost and time savings due to the effectiveness of two systems in one.
Users of Salesforce can easily send 1-1 or 1-many emails with the help of the standard email templates in Tripolis Dialogue. Knowledge of Tripolis Dialogue software is not required to send these emails. Because relationship as well as mail results are exchanged, you have all information gathered in one place.

The Tripolis Salesforce integration is now available at the AppExchangestore.

You can read more about our integration by downloading this factsheet.

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