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Dynamic Imaging. Real-time.

Wouldn’t it be great to send e-mails to your clients that adjusts content real-time at the moment of opening the e-mail? Discover the new innovation in e-mailmarketing: Tripolis Pixylon.

Tripolis Solutions revolutionizes the world of e-mail marketing with the introduction of Tripolis Pixylon, the next generation of real-time and dynamic e-mail software. Pixylon makes e-mail personal and relevant. It tailors e-mail and its images to the time, location and device it’s being read on. Previously, the moment of launching an e-mail marketing campaign was the deciding factor for its content. With Pixylon, the moment of opening (or reading) its decisive. Pixylon measures the preferences of the user and delivers relevant content accordingly.

E-mail 6.0

Pixylon is an innovative and logical development that will bring the worldwide e-mail marketing business a step closer to the future. It enables the new way of e-mailing, e-mail 5.0. At the ‘Sexy E-mail Event’ hosted by The E-mail Association in late 2010, the prototype of Pixylon brought Tripolis the What’s Hot award for being the most innovative company in the e-mail marketing business.

Pixylon is based on the internationally patented technology ‘Smartpix’, which is also used by AcceptEmail. Applications of the new technology are numerous and only restricted by the creativity of marketers. Additionally, it is a tool to edit and create dynamic images in a quick and easy way. It enables and allows the user to experience and create dynamic e-mail.

Some examples are:

  • Countdown mechanism depending on the availability of tickets for an event and the ability to offer real-time changes when tickets run out of stock.
  • Track and trace an online order and read the status of the order and its location, as well as estimated time of arrival.
  • Automated A/B tests and multivariation testing.
  • Flash sales auctions with relevant ads appearing in real-time.

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