Email marketing is one of the most targeted and cost-effective tools for marketers. By using email marketing you can send customized and personalized messages to prospects and customers, at a relatively low cost. Thanks to the Tripolis email marketing software, the results are completely measurable. They can even be delivered real-time with data on time, location and the device used to open the email.

With our multichannel dialogue marketing software solutions, we help our clients in establishing, maintaining and building relationships. We offer this together with two different services:

  1. Tripolis Dialogue, the email marketing software
  2. Tripolis Delivery, high-end delivery services.

Our products are sold through industry leading partners. Tripolis’ software is used by more than 2,500 certified users.

Email Marketing Software

Tripolis’ email marketing software Tripolis Dialogue is a multichannel communication solution we provide as an online service, also called SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you will not have to buy the Tripolis Dialogue software, but use it as an online service with a contract for a fixed amount per month or per year. Tripolis Solutions provides the installation, maintenance and management of the email marketing software, so you do not have to worry about that.

Easy to use

As a user, you only need a browser to make personalized and customized emails, sms messages and to run complete multichannel marketing campaigns. The system includes a campaign manager that allows you to set up a wide variety of organizing campaigns, from simple to very complex multi-step and multi-stage campaigns. Tripolis Dialogue offers comprehensive delivery reports, which provide insight into key figures and delivery ratios, opened emails and click behavior of your recipients.

Integration possibilities

The multichannel marketing software Tripolis Dialogue offers extensive integration with other software. Using web services, you can deploy our functionalities with any other application. To deliver and implement the Tripolis solutions, we work with over fifty professional and certified Business Partners who can give you expert advice.

Top 3 Email Service Provider

Tripolis was voted on of the top 3 Email Service Providers in the Netherlands by magazine Emerce. We obtained this position due to the combination of an easy to deploy email marketing tool, the high delivery ratio and support for Tripolis customers by a professional network of Business Partners.

Delivery service

Link your existing software easily to our outbound email servers. Tripolis delivery service delivers your messages with a stable network and provides a guaranteed delivery of your email marketing campaigns.

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