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Yourzine is a unique online marketing agency and describes itself as follows: ‘Offering quality and delivering what you promised. Professional and involved. From email scenarios for database enrichment to strategic online campaigns. From creative, involved account managers to capable technicians. Every discipline keeps effect and relevance in sight, at all times. Ready to send? The unique campaign management software of Yourzine is ready to roll. We are experienced and always lead the way. We are proud of ourselves and our accounts. Passionate about results. That is Yourzine.’

Yourzine came into existence in 2001 and is part of the LECTRIC Group. The LECTRIC Group consists of eight additional internet organizations that assist broad-minded clients further with internet. Yourzine is the online marketing specialist within the Group. Yourzine’s DNA consists of three chromosomes: strategic email marketing, full-service online campaigns and software development. Regarding software development, we deem ourselves happy to be a Gold Partner of Tripolis Solutions. Both companies’ visions complement each other well and with Tripolis Solutions, we can offer our clients the extra service just that much easier.

Yourzine works for the following brand names:

Contact details:
Michiel van Riemsdijk
Prins Bernhardstraat 14
5211 HE ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)73 681 10 01