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Ematters is one of Tripolis’ first Gold Certified Partners. Ematters is a Digital Direct Marketing Agency and summarized its business model in the formula E=DM²© (Ematters = direct marketing squared).

By offering its clients search engine marketing and website-advice, in addition to email marketing, Ematters is able to realize unique online success for its clients, unlike anyone else;
• ROI’s of more than 500% on the total of email marketing costs;
• A conversion increase in the webshop of 15% due to quality website advice;
• An enrichment and expansion of more than 500% in the email client database;
• A weekly newsletter open ratio exceeding 40%.

Ematters is your most suitable Tripolis Partner if you want to communicate and interact in a fast, flexible, professional and successful manner, with your existing clients as well as your prospective new clients.

Ematters works for the following brand names:

Wouter Theijsmeijer
Valschermkade 18
1059 CD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 707 3690