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Dialogix Sp. z o.o. is the leading dialogue marketing company in Poland. Our core activities are Direct- and Corporate email.

Direct email: We manage a database of 6 million unique email addresses, built up with permission by leading publishers in Poland like Egospodarka.pl, Mojeauto.pl and e-biznes.pl. This database makes it possible to target every commercial interesting target group. Dialogix serves premium companies like ING, BMW, HP, AXA, Kulczyk Tradex and Air France KLM with effective email advertising.

Corporate email: Next to Bawaria Motors and BZ WBK, Dialogix is responsible for the email newsletter of The Dutch Embassy in Poland. With a full team of specialists, Dialogix thinks pro-active with its clients to achieve the highest possible results with email marketing to their clients. “We connect excellent performance with passion and creativity.”

Contact details:
Jasper Buter
Czerwonego Krzyża 6/12
00-377 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 2660292