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Tripolis Dialogue is delivered via a network of leading industry partners and resellers. Together, they work for more than 2,500 national and international customers.

Tripolis works with different reseller partners. Each partner has received extensive training about our products and is either Gold, Silver or Bronze certified.


Value Added Reseller Partners (VARP)

Tripolis VAR partners are companies which completely and independently implement our software with or without making use of available API’s. They give advice about the introduction of our software and they implement the Tripolis software in such a way that it is ready for use by their customers. The VAR partners have their own trainers who are able to provide end-user training about the way in which our software can be used. Particularly web builders and more technically oriented companies are sufficiently qualified to operate as a Tripolis VAR partner.

Full Service Partners (TFP)

Full Service Partners are usually operational in the area of advertising, web building, marketing or media. They use the capabilities of Tripolis Software to provide their customers with services in the area of, for example, email and sms marketing and data mining.

Industry leading business partners – Tripolis Solutions
Tripolis Solutions works with Full Service Partners and Value Added Reseller Partners. Our business partners work for more than 2,500 customers!

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