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At Tripolis Solutions we continuously develop and improve our platform. Our software developers work daily to improve the existing possibilities and to add new features within our cross-channel dialogue marketing platform. Our efforts were recognized by the following national and international industry associations and institutions:


APCSC Award – Innovation Award 2014 for best Integrated CEM digital campaign

We are greatly honored to receive the award for ‘Best Integrated CEM Digital Campaign’. With this campaign we show that an integrated digital campaign delivers perfect timing, relevant content, showing current and available offers coupled with real time prices. Winning this prestigious Expo Innovation Award for the second consecutive year not only shows the success of our long-term efforts in developing this innovative software, it also clearly marks a new and integrated way of Digital Campaigns for marketers worldwide.


IAC Award for Best Travel Email message campaign

The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the best in award winning Internet advertising.
Tripolis Solutions & Travix International XSMAIL Campaign, has won Best Travel Email message campaign.


Emerce top 100 – Best Email Service Provider

Awarded to Tripolis Solutions, Netherlands
The Emerce 100 list shows how decision makers in the fields of online marketing, ICT and e-business have rated the performance of providers of services for e-business and marketing in the past year. The top 100 list is compiled using a weighted ranking based on sales and image. Tripolis Solutions is ranked with 6,5 stars, which is the highest rank in the Email Service Providers category.

MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014

Connect and Integrate – E-commerce – MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014

Awarded to Tripolis and OMG for Peugeot Netherlands
Tripolis, OMG and Peugeot Netherlands have been selected for a honorable mention ‘Connect and Integrate – E-commerce’ of the international MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014 . The winning campaign featured Peugeot Netherlands’ real-time an innovative email marketing campaign that was designed and executed by Online Marketing Group. With the help of the Tripolis Pixylon software which makes use of dynamic content, it was possible to adapt the content of the Peugeot email after the send button has been pressed, and allowed us to make an email campaign dependent on set conditions. This meant that we could make use of real-time AB tests, and apply geolocation in an innovative manner. The award will be recognized at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas on February 17, 2014.

Ecommerce Award 2013

Shortlisted for UK’s eCommerce Awards for Excellence

Shortlisted with Silver Certified Partner Online Marketing Group for Peugeot
Tripolis Solutions is, together with Silver Partner Online Marketing Group shortlisted for the UK’s Ecommerce Awards for the de real-time and dynamic Peugeot 107 email campaign in the ‘Best Marketing Agency / Campaign’category. This dynamic email campaign generated 175% more clicks than a static email and gave Peugeot 42% more test drives than aimed for. In the end, thanks to one email campaign Peugeot sold 22 cars. The ceremony was part of UK’s eCommerce Expo.

Impact Awards 2013

Internet Marketing Association IMPACT13 Awards – Best Strategic Campaign

Awarded to Tripolis International and Online Marketing Group for Peugeot
The IMPACT13 Awards, awarded by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), exemplify best-in-class creativity, expertise and results achieved by the top practitioners of internet marketing across every business segment. The successful real-time and dynamic email marketing campaign for Peugeot Netherlands demonstrates, according to the jury, superiority in developing Internet Marketing strategies and campaigns.

Tripolis International and our Silver Partner Online Marketing Group are together award winner in the category: Email Marketing – Strategic Campaign of the IMPACT13 Awards in Las Vegas. More information.

Tripolis DDMA Award 2013

Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association – DDMA Email @ward 2013

Awarded to our Gold Certified Partner Ematters for Travix International
The international cross-sell email campaign by Travix International was declared the best and most appealing email case of 2013 which, according to the professional jury, showed boldness and creativity in email marketing.

Ematters developed a fully-automated email campaign with the aim to provide the traveler with as much relevant information on their location as possible. This fully-automated cross-sell email campaign provides information on thousands of destinations worldwide, with up-to-date offers that increase the value for Travix for each booking made.

Tripolis Best Dynamic Direct Marketing Campaign

Expo Innovation Awards – Best Dynamic Direct Marketing Campaign

Awarded to Tripolis Hong Kong
The CRE Innovation Expo and the Innovation Awards recognize innovative products and services, strengthen the corporate brand in the industry and develop a sustainable business development strategy in Asia-Pacific region.

With this campaign Tripolis HongKong shows that the moment of launching an e-marketing campaign as the deciding factor for its content, belongs to the past. With dynamic e-marketing the moment of opening or reading is decisive. It is an innovative and logical development that will bring the worldwide e-marketing business a step closer to the future.

Tripolis Emerce top 100

Emerce top 100 – Best Email Service Provider

Awarded to Tripolis Solutions, Netherlands
Every year the Dutch magazine Emerce publishes a brand image research called Emerce 100. The top 100 list, which ranks the highest valuated e-business companies, is split into different categories. All categories have a top five of high performers, together making ‘the best 100 companies in e-business’. Tripolis Solutions is ranked with 5 stars, which is the highest rank in the Email Service Providers category.

Tripolis World PR & Social Media Foru

World PR & Social Media Forum – Best Email Marketing Provider

Awarded to Tripolis Shanghai
During the World PR & Social Media Forum 2012, which is a strategic high-profile conference, revealing how leading brands successfully deploy social media to consolidate and expand their market share, as well as, gain valuable market data, Tripolis has won the award for ‘Best Email Marketing Provider’.

During the event Tripolis Pixylon is launched. A new innovative development for the Chinese market that many people are looking for.

Tripolis Bronze EMMA Award

Dutch National Emailmarketing Conference – Bronze EMMA Award

Awarded to our Gold Certified Partner Ematters for
The ‘Pretrip Mailing’ by was named the best, most beautiful and appealing email case of 2011.

For Ematters developed a fully automated email campaign with the aim for the traveler to give as much relevant information about their destination as possible. With the use of behavioral targeting interests of visitors are inventoried based on their behavior on the EasyToBook website.

Tripolis DDMA Sexy E-mail Event

DDMA Sexy E-mail Event – ‘What’s Hot’ innovation award

Awarded to Tripolis Solutions Netherlands
Tripolis Solutions has won the Dutch ‘What’s Hot innovation award’ with the preview version of Tripolis Pixylon. The ‘What’s Hot’ award is meant for the most innovative product in the email business.

Pixylon is an innovative and logical development that will bring the worldwide email marketing business a step closer to the future. It enables email marketing pieces to be adapted to the time, location and the device used to open the email. Pixylon is a software solution for real-time email marketing. By using dynamic images in combination with these factors, marketing campaigns become more current, more relevant and more manageable.

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