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Getting started with campaign automation

By 6 December 2019January 6th, 2020No Comments

Campaign automation

Automated campaign flows are essential for marketers to send relevant and personalized emails at the right time. These campaigns can be triggered by an action or an event or a milestone, and because those triggers will differ from person to person, automation is the only practical option for engaging with your recipients in this highly effective manner.

How you can use automated campaign flows or drip campaigns to increase engagement with your audience depends a lot on your brand, your branch and your products, but here is a non-exhaustive list of typical topics that automation lends itself to.

  1. Welcome and onboarding campaigns.

“Thank you for registering!”

“Cynthia, are you ready to take the next step?”

  1. Birthday emails and other anniversary related messages.

“Here’s a gift from us to help celebrate your special day Julian!”

“Thanks for staying with us for 3 years and counting”

  1. Appointment reminders.

“Some details on your upcoming appointment”

  1. Upcoming due dates of periodic checkups, maintenance and other time specific services.

 “Don’t forget to book an appointment for your annual filter cleaning”

  1. Order related follow-up: confirmation, transaction and payment related, shipping, feedback and review requests, maintenance guides, up-selling and cross-selling, …

 “Your purchase has been shipped.”

 “Ten tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new video editing software.”

  1. Lead conversion campaigns.

 “Now that you’ve learnt all about data protection, it’s time to get on board!”

  1. Re-engagement or lapsed customer campaigns.

 “Your membership is about to lapse. Re-activate today and receive a special discount.”

 “We haven’t heard from you in a while Ezra. Here are some important updates you may have missed.”

  1. Event related emails: invitations, reminders, additional information, and thank you messages.

 “Public transport updates for your training at our head-office on Wednesday”

  1. Brand engagement campaigns: loyalty status, community building, VIP invites/bonuses and evangelist conversion.

 “Getting personal: meet our team members.”

 “Only 40 more points before you level up to Pro member!”

  1. Customer satisfaction follow-up based on ratings or reviews.

 “How can we improve our service?”

  1. Product and stock related emails, including abandoned shopping carts.

 “Are you running low on coffee? We have some special offers for your company!”

Campaign automation in Dialogue

With the Tripolis Dialogue campaign module you can easily build any of the campaign flows listed above. All you need are the right contact selections in the form of Smartgroups or files fetched from an external location, the right assets in the form of email and sms messages, and a set of business rules for when and which next step in the automated process should be executed.

Once you have a clear plan and the necessary content, the next step is simply dragging and dropping all the components onto the campaign flow canvas and connecting them in the right order. You can use filters and timers to control the flow and to ensure that each individual recipient receives the right follow-up messages at the right time.

Automated campaign flows can become quite complicated, so we highly recommend thoroughly testing what you have built before you go live. Simply start a test run directly from the campaign editor, and you can easily mimic the behavior of real recipients to see if every part of your flow functions the way you envisioned it. Of course, our support team is also more than willing to double check your campaign flow if you have any doubts.