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Newsletters 2016

New features Tripolis | Campaign of the Month – Chambre of Commerce | Column of the Month – Geralda Wickel | Six real-life lessons about international business – Bas Kuntz | Feature of the month – Restful API

 Tripolis Pixylon  | Campaign of the month – Manpower | Column of the Month – Lauri Maréchal | Feature of the month – Pixylon |

Tripolis Dialogue 3.22 release  | Campaign of the month – Thermen Bussloo | Column of the Month – Geralda Wickel | Feature of the month – Engagement data |

New look and feel | Campaign of the month – Toyota COFFEE case | Column of the Month – Gerrit van Leeuwen | Feature of the month – Aggregated Transactional Email Reporting | Tips and tricks for an effective direct e-mail |

Newsletters 2015

Revolutionary new product: RealCampaign | New Chairman | Tripolis Events | Feature of the month – Contacts module with widgets |

New Manpower & Tripolis Retail case | Emerce top 100 | Column of the month – symbols in subjectlines | Feature of the month – More options in the copy newsletter function |

Emailing more relevant | Eurocamp wins IAC award | The future of email design? | Campaign of the month – Vodafone | Feature of the month – Reporting based on link tags and devices. |

Without data, you can’t make conversations personal | New partner: Netexpo | New case: Vodafone | Column of the month – Do you dare to ask your customer something? | Feature of the month – Datetimestamp in filename |

Tripolis makes data easier to understand | Privacy policy security check | Testing efforts | Column of the month – 2015. What is left for e-mail marketers to do? | Feature of the month – Widgets |

Newsletters 2014

 Future of Email Marketing | Tripolis Salesforce | Column Of The Month – Email has greatest impact on Black Friday and Cyber Monday | The new Outlook for Mac | Feature Of The Month – IP Restrictions

Tripolis and RapidSugar become partners | Microsoft creates Clutter | Column Of The Month – Eyetracking | Campaign Of The Month – Laurens Simonse Group | Feature Of The Month – Improvements to the “clicks in HTML/txt” report

I want it now… Why wait? | Google launches ‘Inbox’ | Email and content | Column Of The Month | Campaign Of The Month – | Feature Of The Month – Bulk image upload

Tripolis Solution releases Tripolis Dialogue 3.15 | Tripolis WordPress Plugin | Column Of The Month – From discount to acquaintance | Campaign Of The Month – BMW | Feature Of The Month – Campaign notification mails

Tripolis Solution wishes you a great summer | Tracking Essential | Google Chrome changes fonts | Column Of The Month – Neuromarketing | Campaign Of The Month – OHRA | News – Consitution will also protect emails

Tripolis Hong Kong wins Innovation award | Email image blocking | Column Of The Month – Yourzine | Campaign Of The Month – PON | Feature Of The Month – Query in subscription groups

Tripolis Solutions again sponsor of the DDMA Email Summit | Tripolis & CloseAlert | Responsive e-mail design | Column Of The Month – Engagement | Campaign Of The Month – Eurocamp | Feature Of The Month – Pubslih to social

Tripolis Solutions again best Email Service Provider in the Emerce top 100 | Dialogue 3.14 | Heartbleed bug | Emerce 100 | Column Of The Month – A clean database | Salesforce CRM integration | Feature Of The Month – Seedlist

Tripolis Solutions: Is email marketing finally going to fulfill its promise? | Email-Expo Frankfurt | Gmail unsubscribe button | Gmail promotions tab | Column Of The Month – Email promise fulfillment | Campaign Of The Month – John Frieda | Feature Of The Month – XML importer

Tripolis Solutions launches operation in New York City | Email marketing 40 times more effective than social | 3 tips for using Google Analytics in email | Column Of The Month – Email vs. Search | Campaign Of The Month – Sixt rent a car | Feature Of The Month – Campaign notification mails

Tripolis Dialogue release 3.13 available | Omni-channel marketing for online retailers | PostNL improves Track & Trace service | Column Of The Month – More relevant emails | Campaign Of The Month – Audi Netherlands | Feature Of The Month – Dynamic content

Newsletters 2013

Looking back on a successful 2013 | Column Of The Month – What can I do with my blacklist? | 5 biggest non-trends of 2014

Attracting attention with a real-time Christmas and New Year’s greeting | The future of email marketing | Tripolis Solutions at IAB Chile marketing event | Column Of The Month – Your app fingerprint | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – BDO Accountants & Tax (Advisors) | Feature Of The Month – Email authentication, SPF and DKIM

Client Case Travix International | Peugeot winner of MarketingSherpa Award | Consumers who receive emails spend 83% more | Column Of The Month – Customer touch points | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – | Feature Of The Month – Creating web forms

Client Case Thermen Bussloo | Tripolis Solutions shortlisted at Ecommerce Awards | dmexco 2013 event; a great success | Column Of The Month – It’s getting better all the time! | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – Mini Guide Consumentenbond | Feature Of The Month – Personalization options

Client Case Vodafone | Meet Tripolis Solutions at dmexco Cologne Germany | Best practices for our international resellers | Column Of The Month – Secret of a good email | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – Lipton | Feature Of The Month – Integrated Content Check

De Nieuwe Zaak certified as Tripolis Gold Partner | KPN 4G results | Meet Tripolis Solutions at TFM&A Shanghai | Column Of The Month – Gmail & tabs | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – Ematters | Feature of the Month – Text messages

TRAVIX International wins DDMA Email Award 2013 | Tripolis Hong Kong wins CRE Award | Video’s about Tripolis Dialogue on YouTube | Column Of The Month – Marketer seeks nerd (m/f) | What others say about us | Campaign Of The Month – Veritate | Feature Of The Month – Google Analytics integration

New Tripolis Dialogue release 3.11 available | Meet Tripolis Solutions in Hong Kong | Tripolis Solutions tests new KPN 4G connection | Column of the Month – Privacy Statements | Client case Peugeot | Campaign Of The Month – Valess | Feature Of The Month – Creating smart groups

New Silver-Certified Partner eFocus serves C1000 | Meet Tripolis Solutions at OMExpo Madrid | Weekly How-to videos of Tripolis Dialogue | Column Of The Month – More insight with eye tracking | Client case Peugeot | Campaign Of The Month – Vodafone – Responsive design | Feature Of The Month – Update content in a running campaign

How to Thursday videos | Doing online research? Use the MWM2 plug-in | Emerce Digital Marketing Live! a resounding success | Column Of The Month – Nice and dynamic | Campaign Of The month – Data driven email by Chevrolet | Feature Of The Month – Filter clicks on tags

Emerce top 100 | Ready to integrate? Magento plugin available | Online exposure for War Child Netherlands | Column Of The month – How important is data? | Campaign Of The Month – Travel & Surf by T-Mobile | Feature Of The Month – Mobile previewing

Dialogue release 3.10 | Email newsletter crucial to success | Mobile emailmarketing: what you should be aware of | Column Of The month – Invest in relationships | Campaign Of The Month – Weekly action mail of Bruna | Feature Of The Month – Tagging of hyperlinks

Newsletters 2012

Looking back on 2012 | Column Of The Month – Indirect work makes a difference! | Campaign Of The Month – StepStone mobile app

Whitepaper real-time e-mailmarketing | Email most effective form of content marketing | Column Of The Month – Mobile strategy | Campaign Of The Month – | Feature Of The Month – Addition of RSS Feeds