Feature of the Month: Options for Open-and-click-Tracking

Options to disable open and click tracking
For various reasons (mostly security related) it can be necessary or desirable to not track opens and/or clicks in published emails. To enable this the following 2 features are introduced in version 3.24:

Disable opens and/or clicks for a newsletter or direct email type.

In SETUP > content > newsletter/direct email types it is now possible to disable tracking for all future publications of editions of that type. It is possible to only disable click tracking or to disable both open and click tracking. The default setting is that all tracking is still enabled. 

Prevent a single link from being tracked.

 In the content editors it is possible to prevent clicks on specific links from being tracked. This can be done by adding the attribute dnt=”true” to a link element. In the text version a prefix “DNT=” can be used before the link. When adding a link from an “insert link” button in the HTML editor there is an option “Do-not-track” that will automatically add the attribute when the link is created.

If clicks on links are not tracked, please keep in mind that:

        These links cannot be used in campaign “on click” filters.

        Clicks on these links do not count for AB Tests that choose a winner on the number of clicks.

        Parameters for tracking links in analytics integrations will not be added to these links.