Campaign of the Month: Centraal Beheer Achmea

Campaign of the Month – Centraal Beheer Achmea, by OMG



Centraal Beheer makes it possible for entrepreneurs to take out an Entrepreneurs Policy. This allows entrepreneurs to insure themselves for the top six damage risks – including company car, liability and legal aid – with just one policy.

To attract qualified leads and to convert near-policyholders to this policy, we have used our COFFEE method. By using COFFEE, we gain better insight into how the target group can be encouraged during the course of making a decision.


We went to work for Centraal Beheer on the development of the optimal conversion course.

The focus for the conversion was on recruiting sales-qualified leads. The objectives were:

  • The recruitment of at least 1,200 qualified leads
  • The conversion of 80 policyholders for an Entrepreneurs Policy


COFFEE allows the organizations and systems concerned to gain important insights into the progression of the prospects in the campaign flow. By measuring

and collecting data, the COFFEE model provides insight into behavior in the various conversion channels (email and/or calls), allowing an eventual prediction to be made about conversion behavior within the sales funnel. For Centraal Beheer, three campaigns were used: a recruitment campaign, an engagement campaign and a conversion campaign.


The recruitment campaign

‘What is the primary risk for your company? Participate and have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!’

This was the proposition for the recruitment campaign, where we encouraged the entrepreneurs to think about risks they may encounter. After making a choice, the entrepreneur entered his or her data to have a chance at the prize (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and provided an opt-in to be kept up to date by Centraal Beheer of news related to running a business.

After the recruitment campaign, a winner’s mail was sent to all participants, with an opportunity for an up-sell to the Online Risk Scan (part of the engagement campaign). Centraal beheer mail


The engagement campaign

In this campaign, we played on the feelings of the entrepreneur with the idea:

‘You’ve taken care of everything, right?’

– the Online Risk Scan.


The entrepreneur was asked in this campaign whether he or she is conscious of having everything arranged well. The email made clear that the entrepreneur will know within 10 minutes whether everything is up to speed, or whether he or she must still act regarding a number of risks.

Here we put the focus on the temptation technique of ‘implementation intention’: you more effectively chase after a target when it is challenging, correct, formulated, and able to be done in the short term.



The conversion campaign

Awareness was created in the engagement campaign. With this last campaign – the conversion campaign – we played on this awareness. In this way the conversion mail never arrives unexpectedly. To make the campaign relevant and effective, we referred to the mailings received earlier.


In this campaign we directly offered the opportunity to enroll in a policy. From the recruitment campaign, we knew which branch the recipient came from.

That’s why we made it possible for the recipients to directly link to their

relevant branch, which brings the recipient one click closer to conversion (finalizing a policy).



Recruitment campaign

The average open rate of the mails came to 25%. This is above the

marketing averages of 23.3%. The click rates were an average of 6% (compared to a market average of 4.5%).


The objective of the campaign has been more than achieved, with 1,700 recruited sales-qualified leads. The funnel of the recruitment campaign eventually led to a conversion rate of 56.9%.


Engagement campaign

In the engagement campaign we saw an increase in the open and click rates compared to the recruitment campaign. The average open rate was 36%, with an average click rate of 12%. This increase is due to the fact that people are already involved with the brand.


Conversion campaign

We also see a high open rate in the third campaign: 30%. The click rate was 8.7%.



Campaign of the Month – Centraal Beheer Achmea, by OMG