Campaign of the month – Het Noordbrabants Museum

Campaign of the month – Het Noordbrabants Museum by Add to Favorites 

About using email to create ‘pre-fun’ and accelerate the flow of visitors.



Use email to enable a smooth flow of more than 400,000 visitors over a short period of time by informing them. In addition, create the feeling of experience with these visitors.


An automated campaign in which the proper message is incorporated in the emails. Embedding complex queries based on technology so that each individual visitor receives the right email at the right moment.


Involvement: the emails achieved an average open percentage of >73% and delivered a click rate of >53%.
The exhibition went smoothly. After the ticket purchase, direct communication with visitors was done solely via email, so we can state that the email campaign has contributed here.

Primary learning

Email marketing has the possibility to ‘unburden’ both the sender as well as the recipient by sending relevant information at the right moment.


The Het Noordbrabants Museum (hereafter indicated as HNBM) expected an enormous turnout from both home and abroad for the exhibition of Jheronimus Bosch. Approximately 300,000 visitors were expected to visit the museum within a short period of time. This requires good organization of practical matters, such as:

  • visits according to time slots, and opportunities for coat checking;
  • social media use surrounding the exhibition;
  • purchases in the museum shop;
  • request for feedback through questionnaires.


During the packed Bosch exhibition, email marketing proved to be an excellent channel for personally reaching and informing our visitors. Our visitors perceived it to be enormously positive.

 Wendel Visser, Marketing staff member at The Het Noordbrabants Museum

Where HNBM previously offered tickets in the museum itself, during the Jheronimus Bosch exhibition everything was arranged via an automatic ticketing system. HNBM wanted to:

  • Send ticket buyers emails to achieve more experience and involvement surrounding the exhibition.
  • Better inform visitors so that most questions could be handled ahead of time. Have the movement of arriving visitors run more smoothly.
  • Sell and up-sell related products, such as the purchase of an audio tour.

Multiple messages, moments and different segments

We selected three contact moments, each with its own character. These had to be transferred to different segments at the proper moments: prior to and after the visit. Different content for other segments, such as Dutch and foreign visitors, was provided with a dynamic template.

Email 1: service-oriented (knowledge)
Practical information, including accessibility of the museum and do’s and don’ts during the museum visit. In addition, dynamic content was also displayed to the individual visitor. For example, the time slot in which the visitor can enter the exhibition and a reminder to bring your museum card (if applicable).

Email 2: commercial (behavior)
Think here of products from the museum shop and the program of events in the entire city related to the Bosch 500 national event year.

Email 3: thank-you mail (attitude and behavior)
Thanking for the visit with the option of completing a questionnaire (for some of the visitors).

Smart queries, different delivery moments
People visited the museum at different times and on different days. They purchased tickets both far in advance of the visit as well as shortly before. Smart business rules were developed for these situations. Depending on the purchase of the ticket and when the visit took place, the visitor was automatically categorized into a distribution group. Based on this categorization, it was automatically determined when the visitor should receive which email and whether all three emails could actually be sent.

Use cases

The various situations that could arise – the use cases – were also considered when creating the automated campaign.

  • What do we do when a visitor changes his/her visit date?
  • What do we do when someone buys a ticket as a gift to someone else? Who do we send the emails to?
  • What do we do with the email that is sent after the scheduled visit, if the person doesn’t show up at the exhibit?


This automated campaign is a perfect example of relevant content for the right target group at the right moment. All objectives were achieved and it can be seen from the unique open percentage (>73%) and unique click percentage (>53%) that the mailings were appreciated. And that was also evident from social media.


Campaign of the month – Het Noordbrabants Museum by Add to Favorites