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What would you think about changing from static to dynamic e-mailings, in which you are still able to change the content after sending it? To change the content of your newsletter depending on where, when, by whom and with what device the email is opened? To offer a truly personalized and highly relevant reading experience to your newsletter subscribers? Use Pixylon.

Tripolis Pixylon

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Tripolis Pixylon

Pixylon is part of Tripolis Dialogue: a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for real-time email marketing. The Pixylon module enables email marketing pieces to be adapted to the time, location, the device used to open the email. By using dynamic images in combination with these factors, marketing campaigns become more current, more relevant and more manageable.

Increase conversions

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Increase conversion and more!

Real-time data tends to increase the number of clicks (and orders) considerably. It does not stop here. With Pixylon you can perform A/B tests automatically when a winning variation appears that is determined by a set of conditions. You no longer need to spend time to test campaigns or to segment your audience, you can optimize your campaign automatically.

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Pixylon Features

The look of an email marketing piece should be determined by the time that a subscriber opens the piece, not when it is sent. This is possible by linking the images to dynamic data using Pixylon. In this way the recipient is the central part and he or she will always see content that is as relevant and as current as possible.

The possibilities of Tripolis Pixylon are endless and are only limited by the creativity of marketers. Please find below a number of examples for which the real-time email marketing software can be used:

Countdown mechanism

countdown mechanism email

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Is there an offer with limited time? Nothing works as good as a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in order to stimulate the desired action. The counter
can count up to a specific moment, but can also show how many items are still available before the offer ends. That way the receiver always knows where he or she stands when clicking on the offer.

Real-time track and trace

real time email track and trace

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As consumers we are flooded with emails all the time as we make a purchase: an order confirmation, a notification that your package is ready for shipping, a mes-sage that it is shipped and can be traced, etcetera. With Pixylon you bring it back to one email which always displays the current shipping status.

Location based

location based email

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Pixylon allows email content to adapt based on the (geo) location where the mailing is opened. This way you can ensure that local actions are shown in the reader’s region at the moment of opening. You can also change settings so that only registered users can see offers from their region in the content. For such cases you indicate the priority for several criteria, so the email fully matches your specific needs.

Real-time variation testing

real-time ab testing email

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Send out emails to a subsegment to test what works better? That is no longer necessary. With Pixylon you can automatically test multiple versions of an email based on set criteria and optionally show the best responding version of the email as the standard choice, so that this version will be shown at the moment that the email is opened.

Flash sales auctions

flash sales auctions pixylon

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Offering high discounts for products with a temporary availability (limited edition) is also called flash sales. The characteristic: “Be quick because there is a limited stock”. Pixylon can be linked to an inventory system so that before the store is visited it is already clear whether you still can join in on the offer. This prevents disappointed customers and encourages participation as the closing time is near.

Webshop integration

webshop integration pixylon

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A webshop integration between Magento and Tripolis Pixylon is available. If a product in your emailing is sold out, you can decide real-time whether you would like to add a ‘Sold Out’ button to your picture or you would like to add a new product in the mailing. Everything is possible.

Social Media integration

social media integration pixylon

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Pixylon has a integration with the social media applications of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. It is for example possible to real-time integrate the last five tweets about your company in the e-mail. Pixylon also has the possibility for real-time click counters: number of clicks to articles and Facebook ‘Like’ counters.

Device targeted content

device targeted email content

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The application recognizes the kind of device the reader uses. Based on this information Pixylon adjusts content to the right device. If the reader uses an iPhone, a direct link to the App Store to download the App is possible. If the reader uses an Android phone, a link to the Android Market is possible etc. Based on the device, Pixylon adjusts the information real-time.

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